Solo Projects

EDM Caprices: an original suite for solo bass in popular dance styles paired with unaccompanied transcriptions by Bach

From an expanding series of solo works based on Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Daft Chaconne uses a tune (“Around the World”) from French electronic music duo Daft Punk to explores the connections between the repeating bassline patterns of the Baroque Chaconne and the four-chord cycles of modern popular music.

Sample Program includes:

EDM Caprices after Daft Punk, deadmau5, and Dubstep, selections from Bach’s Second Suite for Cello, Waltz-Improvisations after Dragonetti

Haydn [Re]Creation: a historically-informed original composition reviving Haydn’s lost concerto for double bass

Theme from Haydn’s lost Concerto per il violone (Contrabbasso), Hob. VIIc/1

Written around the same time as his Morning, Midday, and Evening Symphonies (nos. 6-8) which featured solo bass in the Minuets, Joseph Haydn’s lost Concerto per il violone (Contrabbasso) survives today via a two measure fragment preserved in his index of themes.

Through an imitation of the popular mid-18th century Galant style, Concerto after Haydn unfolds this bit of material into an entire 20 minute work for solo bass. Versions for bass/piano; “Trout” quintet; and string orchestra

Sample Program includes:

Concerto After Haydn, Bottesini’s Concerto à la Mendelssohn, David Walter’s Homage à Casals

An Otello Fantasy: a revisionist work diffusing the rage in the final chapter of Verdi’s tragic opera ((love wins))

Sample Program includes:

Otello Fantasy, Dido’s Lament and other improvisations for unaccompanied bass, Bottesini’s Concerto no. 2

Ursa – A Chamber Concerto for Solo Bass, Strings and Percussion, commissioned by CAG/BMI

A joint commission by CAG/BMI in collaboration with PUBLIQuartet and Triplepoint, Ursa examines the human instinct to construct constellations out of randomness, to pursue control through explanation, to overcome the mystery of the inanimate through imagination, and ultimately, to be manipulated by those very mythologies in which we seek comfort.

For solo bass, string ensemble, and two percussionists – 12″

Premiered March 20th, 2018 at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in NYC

Voyeurisme: a 50th anniversary project pairing new commissions with Jacob Druckman’s 1969 Valentine

Sample Program includes:

Druckman’s Valentine, Michael Laurello’s Plead, improvisations on Frère Jacque, and new works TBA