As a performer-composer, I am committed to expanding the literature of the double bass canon with flattering new music as well as model compositions in various styles, blending formalism and narrative, and embracing the line between improvisation and composition.

I’ve received commissions for fresh arrangements and theatrical/film scores from:
Chamber Music Society at Lincoln Center, Phoenix Chamber Music Society, Chamber Music Northwest, Yale School of Drama, Yale School of Art

Self-published under Mikroseismos Music (ASCAP), recent works include:

Otello Fantasy,which re-contextualizes both the story and function of the standard Verdi opera double bass excerpt into a virtuosic recital piece;


Postlude, a companion piece to David Walter’s (currently) underperformed Prelude;

Daft Chaconne, an unaccompanied chaconne interpolating Daft Punk’s electronic favorite, “Around the World”;


A fantasy on the famous Purcell lament for unaccompanied bass, or double bass and soprano;

Concerto after Haydn, a three-movement concerto modeled after the two surviving measures of Haydn’s Violone concerto – written for standard rather than Viennese tuning.


For booking, inquiries about scores, custom projects and more, please contact or use the form below! Thank you for your time!